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Muxions Technologies is a top & reasonable eCommerce website development company, we build customized, user-friendly & Secure eCommerce web solutions.

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best & affordable professional eCommerce website development services in Toronto, Canada

and around the globe. Emerging Technologies have changed the way businesses are run. E-commerce market space has grown to biblical proportions, and experts are seeing even higher growth in future. An effective and competitive e-commerce solutions must have following characteristics;
Ecommerce - Mobile Website
Mobile eCommerce

In 2014, 80-85% (of estimated $1.5 trillion) e-commerce sales will be conducted on mobile and tables. Mobile enabled e-commerce platform is an unavoidable reality. Thefore, we build e-commerce solutions which are not only mobile friendly and extensible to adapt to new mobile technologies.

Ecommerce - product search and selection
Product Research

E-commerce solution should intelligent enough to offer right product to right customer at right time. We make this possible by identify customer needs, customer profile, and then predicting and offering suitable projects when needed - often this strategy is called content curation and personalization of website.

Ecommerce - online secure shopping cart
Secure & Intuitive Cart

E-commerce solutions must offer intuitive and seamless shopping experience across desktop, mobile and tablets. Our e-commerce solutions involve minimum clicks from product search, to selection, and to checkout & payment. Security and privacy are most important of our development process.

We always recommend our clients to include opt-in email option at checkout stage - this allows business to send marketing and promotional emails to interested clients and build customer-brand loyalty relationship.

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